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Volunteer to Participate in a Unique Research Project and help discover if coaching can change unconscious bias

What is Unconscious Bias?

Unconscious Bias is a cognitive process that has a micro-second impact on the judgements and decisions that people make about other human beings. It occurs below our conscious awareness, and perpetuates social stereotypes that contribute to disadvantage for some people.

It is possible to take a short 5 minute online test to discover if you have an unconscious bias about a specific group of people. This test can show bias, even if you consciously support people in that group.

To support equity in the workplace, many organisations have begun to offer training to raise awareness of unconscious bias. Unfortunately research has shown that raising awareness of having an unconscious bias does not change the bias.

What is the Purpose of the Research?

This research project seeks to move beyond awareness-raising to explore if Coaching can change unconscious bias. The researcher will be using a specific coaching methodology called 'Neuro Coaching'. This approach to coaching already focuses on changing cognitive meaning-making as a process that is largely unconscious. This research will explore if it is able to create changes that show a measurable decrease in unconscious bias after just four coaching sessions. Participants will be able to choose one bias that they wish to change from the following list:

  • Age ('Young - Old')

  • Arab - Muslim ('Arab Muslim - Other People')

  • Disability ('Physically Disabled - 'Physically Abled')

  • Gender - Career

  • Gender - Science

  • Race ('Black - White')

  • Sexuality ('Gay - Straight')

  • Skin-tone ('Light Skin - Dark Skin')

  • Transgender ('Transgender People - Cisgender People')

  • Weight ('Fat - Thin')

Is this a 'proper' research project?

Yes, it is part of a Master of Arts Neuro Coaching, issued by a globally recognised UK university. The researcher will need to meet rigorous ethical requirements and will receive academic supervision. The intention is to randomly select a group of 10 participants, as well as a 'control group': this approach is the 'gold standard' of evidence-based research.

Please watch the introductory video above and use the form below if you would like to volunteer as a participant in the research project

Criteria to Participate as a Coachee in this Project:

  • Have not studied Psychology, NLP or Coaching

  • Are open minded about the possibility of changing Unconscious Bias

  • Are available for 4 sessions x 1 hour online coaching in the next 3 months

If you would like to volunteer but you are not available during the study time period, please click here to join the list of people invited to the presentation of findings only. We will be happy to connect with you about the outcomes of the study following completion.

Frequently Asked Questions

What time zone will the online coaching be taking place in?

As the Coach, I work in GMT +0800 and I can work into the evening for people in Europe. APAC and European time zones are most compatible.

When someone is selected as a Coachee, we will liaise re the timing of the sessions and dates and if it is not possible practically to schedule, you will be popped back into the pool for selection of Control Group Members.

If you are interested in supporting the study and know that you could not make an appointment in this time zone, you can still volunteer up front to only go into selection for the Control Group that will be taking the Implicit Association Test online.

How can I support the study if I have studied coaching, Neurolinguistics or Psychology?

If you have studied coaching, Neurolinguistics or Psychology, you can still participate in the study by joining the Control group. This group will be taking a 5-minute assessment online, four times at the same frequency and interval as the Coachees group.

People who cannot volunteer as participants are also welcome to sign up to hear about the outcome of the research in early 2025.

You can also support the study by sharing this opportunity with others who have the same passion for change in this area.

Please complete only one of the forms below:

Volunteer as a Coachee or a Control Group member

Confidentiality and Privacy of your Data

All the information provided above will be treated as confidential. It will not be passed on to any other party, used for any other purpose, or retained beyond the research project.

I can only participate in the Control Group

This is for people who are unavailable to be coached or have studied coaching, Neurolinguistics or Psychology.

Confidentiality and Privacy of your Data

All the information provided above will be treated as confidential. It will not be passed on to any other party, used for any other purpose, or retained beyond the research project.